Xing Han Lu

ML Developer

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I am currently working on open-source ML projects at Plotly. I was previously a data science intern at Deloitte, where I worked on specialized summarization engines. Before that, I was a SDE intern at Plotly, where I created Dash Cytoscape, an open-source network visualization component. In 2017, I was a research intern at the McGill Clinical and Health Informatics lab, where I lead a IMIA conference paper and a AAAI Workshops paper. I also share notebooks on Kaggle (@xhlulu), where I am a Kernels Grandmaster.


ML @ Plotly

Build AI/ML apps. Created Dash Deck, currently maintaining Dash Cytoscape and Dash Pivottable.

Data Science @ Deloitte

Created a summarization engine built using state-of-the-art sentence embedding models.

Software Development @ Plotly

Developed Machine Learning apps using Dash and Plotly. Also created Dash Cytoscape.

Research @ McGill University

Applied Machine Learning Research at the Surveillance Lab, an Epidemiology lab at McGill University. Read my paper.


McGill University


Computer Science


You can find below a sample of my projects. Click here to see the complete list.

Xing Han Lu's Dash Cytoscape Project

Dash Cytoscape

Dash Cytoscape is a graph visualization component for creating interactive web-based networks. It extends and renders Cytoscape.js, and can customized purely using Python.

Docs | Project Repo
Xing Han Lu's SVM Project

Support Vector Machine Explorer

This app lets you explore Support Vector Clustering (a type of SVM) with UI input parameters. Toy datasets and useful ML metrics plots included. It is fully written in Dash + scikit-learn.

Demo App | Project Repo

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